1 Apr 2015

Like a Phoenix rising from the flames...

Hi, I'm back, and I'm breathing life back into this blog. I know it's been ages, and who knows, maybe nobody missed it when it originally died its slow and quiet death. Nobody except me, at least. I can't promise that something like it won't happen again, but I plan to try my best to keep it alive.

To explain how I plan to avoid it, I need to clear up why I ended up with this year-long absence (almost to the day it seems) in the first place. When I started blogging, I loved doing it. I wrote about the things that interested me, and it was a nice way to just air my thoughts and share my passions. Then I got the [insert sarcastic voice] brilliant idea of making weekly columns as a way to keep at it. And I enjoyed them at first, writing recommendations for my favourite fan works out there and writing about the games I was discovering, but then it kind of piled up and it began to feel like work than a hobby and I started to resent it, especially my own insistence to do weekly updates.

Another issue was how I blocked off other topics that might have interested me to write about because it didn't really fit the "theme" of my blog, which is just silly, as this is my blog, so why shouldn't I get to write about whatever I want, whether it actually fits into the geek category or not. So, no more of that, I will write about the things that interest me, and knowing myself, I will probably only stray away from the geek-side once in a blue moon anyway, so what was the problem, again?

If for any reason you read my blog back then, maybe you've noticed that I've now taken down all the old weekly recommendations posts. It's part of my plan to "take back" the blog, I've decided to start fresh and only do recommendation blogs for fan works and creators I truly feel ought to be discovered and appreciated, I haven't decided on the format yet, but I will figure it out. I also intend to rework my table top blogs, as another problem was that I was forcing myself to write about every game I was introduced to rather than the ones that actually made me want to write about them. So I will keep some pieces and rework them, removing others, and of course write new ones.

In general, I just want to get back to writing about the things I care about, avoid forcing a schedule on myself. Sure, a schedule helps with the predictability, but it also has a tendency to favour quantity over quality, and I'd much rather stick to properly written pieces than throwing something together last minute because it's [insert weekday] and it's time to post a [insert column]. So, here's to hoping that some random people out there will appreciate what I have to say. It's good to be back.

... oh, and I just noticed the date, completely not an April fools joke, just a random coincidence.

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