14 Aug 2013

Greetings geeks and nerdcurious

Ta-da! New and shiny blog to completely neglect and forget about once the novelty wears out... again. Why? Because some part of me clearly loves beating a dead horse, and I'm too lazy to fully resurrect my old blog, as it belongs under a different e-mail log-in than my youtube account, and I hate having to log out of one just so I can log into the other (rinse and repeat). Thank you, google, for making our lives so much easier (read: harder) with your insistence to gather everything under your banner!

Not gonna make any grand presentation of myself, as I think the two key words in my blog title pretty much sums up the most important aspects of myself. If you're into that - cool, enjoy your stay. If you're not, but you're curious - ask away, and I'll see if I can win you over to our side (we have cookies). If you're neither, then why did you click this link in the first place?

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