9 Oct 2015

Organising my boardgames: A Castle For All Seasons

Been a little while since I did one of these, so moving further down my shelf we have A Castle for All Seasons, a game I bought second hand last year before even having played it, but that has seen a lot of play time since. This game originally intends to keep game resources on the board itself, but the space allocated to each resource is not that great and I've found that it's much simpler to keep the resources off the board, as you don't risk accidentally covering up the amount of said resource is given, which makes the game ideal for my kind of organisation.

Let's start, as we always do, with the interior of the box. The box itself is neatly divided into compartment making it easy to keep different components separate. I was happy to note that a medium sized utility box fit snugly into one of the compartments, so I could keep the box interior while still organising the resources.

Bagged items here includes player cards and start-up resources for each player, I also fitted all the building tiles into one large bag, and put the winter edition cards in a separate bag.

As previously mentioned I used a medium sized utility box to sort out the resources. I divided the money up into separate compartments for each value, and fitted the resources in a way that allowed me to keep them in rising value order. Now, I could have done this differently and put the money in the bottom compartments, but I felt I needed a bigger divide between the stone and the silver since their colours are so similar.

Now, I haven't yet played the game after I made this change, but I see no reason it should be an issue, quite the contrary. I think this will significantly help keep the board clutter free while also not having to dedicate that much space for resources off the board.

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