25 Sep 2015

Organising my boardgames: Lords of Waterdeep

Moving on to the second sorted out game on my game shelf and one of my favourite games we have Lords of Waterdeep. Now this game originally came with an insert specifically made with organisation in mind. Every player piece had its place, same with the cards, buildings, resources and so forth. The insert even made sure the game board sat snugly inside, making sure to keep all the game components in place, however there were two issues with the original game set-up that made me abandon it. Firstly the game lid was so narrow it would not stay in place if the game didn't sit horizontally, meaning I had to tie something around the box before packing it whenever I took it somewhere, also the game had absolutely no room for an expansion, so when I added the expansion to my collection, the original game box and insert simply had to go.

I'm using the expansion box to store the game, which both fits the original game and expansion perfectly, has more of a standard box design, meaning it has a lid that stays in place. It doesn't look quite as tidy as the last game I presented, but since I do not have any utility boxes made for sorting cards, I had to store a lot more items in bags with this game. I've sorted out the main game cards into two bags, one for basic Lord and Intrigue cards, one for base Quest cards, and then one bag for all the Undermountain expansion cards, and one bag for all the Skullport expansion cards.

With the buildings I'm still sticking to rubber bands to hold them separate, rubber bands doesn't hurt cardboard tiles the way they do cards, so I have less issues using them for tiles.

Naturally I'm still using bags to hold the individual player pieces, though in this game I have not included starting money as it varies with player order. I have put the starting player token, ambassador token and the extra player piece in a separate bag, technically not necessary, but since there was no room in the resource box I just had to put them somewhere else.

Finally, the resource box I used is a large one. I made double-sized compartments for each of the four resources to not only make room for them, but to also make it more comfortable to fish out of the container with your fingers. With the money I did want to keep the ones and fives in separate compartments, but the ones required a bit more space than what was available, so the best solution was to store them together in a double compartment. However, the point tokens fit nicely into one compartment, and this allowed me to store the Skullport expansion skulls in a separate compartment.

Once again, this is a set-up I haven't played with yet, but I can only imagine it being successful. I can keep the resources off the board and at the same time not have to find bowls or have the game box set up right next to the board. And should I ever want to upgrade from cubes to figures, there's even room for that.

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