13 May 2019

R.I.P. Game of Thrones

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What the everloving FUCK was D&D thinking!?! I haven't even watched the episode and I'm sick to my stomach. After the dreadful one they delivered last week, I decided for the first time ever to deliberately find out what happened before watching, and I am glad I did, because it saved me from experiencing the worst character assassination I have ever come across in my life. I honestly cannot decide which part of it is the worst one.

10 Dec 2015

Expanding your social circle

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It seems to me that one thing that tends to go hand in hand with being somewhat nerdy and/or geeky is that we also tend to have a bit of an awkward relationship with socialization, at least the kind that is considered 'normal' (I'm not trying to generalize or 'speak for all nerds/geeks' when I use the word 'we' by the way). For me, at least, it's either awkward small talk that I trudge through because it's the nice thing to do (also I can't stand sitting in silence with someone - I have to be extremely comfortable with a person to do that and be okay with it) or an exclamation of enthusiasm at finding someone who shares even one of my interest one little bit and I proceed to talk their ears off about that one subject - possibly even putting them off the subject for life (it's happened).

29 Nov 2015

Kickstarter: What Games I'm Backing and Why

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I thought this would be a suitable follow-up to my last blog, where I confessed to having become a Kickstarter addict. I wrote a bit about things that turned me off a project, but I didn't really go into what actually turns me onto one. What makes a project actually stand out to me. More accurately, what games specifically stood out to me in such a way that I decided to back them, and for what reason. And then there's the whole aspect of why I'm backing games on Kickstarter that I haven't even played yet when there are currently published games that I would really, really like to own right now, but haven't purchased yet.

27 Nov 2015

Help! I'm turning into a Kickstarter Addict!

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Let me just start this by saying that I am by no means a newcomer to crowd-funding, I backed my first project back in April 2014, and for the following year and a half I only backed a handful of projects. I had a very relaxed relationship to crowd-funding as a whole, never looked for projects, they simply came to me through the fan communities that I was a part of.

Then I was introduced to the table top section of Kickstarter. It started innocently enough; someone in my gaming group shared a link to a board game campaign that was mere hours away from funding. I clicked it, was instantly wowed by the vibrant look of the game. I read through the campaign information, looked through the pledge levels and was not only pleased with the game presented, but also how decently priced it was, so I pledged and helped fund my first ever board game Kickstarter. It could have ended there, and with every single other campaign I had backed before that was how it ended - except I couldn't help but think that if this amazing looking game was on this platform - what else could be there?

9 Oct 2015

Organising my boardgames: A Castle For All Seasons

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Been a little while since I did one of these, so moving further down my shelf we have A Castle for All Seasons, a game I bought second hand last year before even having played it, but that has seen a lot of play time since. This game originally intends to keep game resources on the board itself, but the space allocated to each resource is not that great and I've found that it's much simpler to keep the resources off the board, as you don't risk accidentally covering up the amount of said resource is given, which makes the game ideal for my kind of organisation.

25 Sept 2015

Organising my boardgames: Lords of Waterdeep

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Moving on to the second sorted out game on my game shelf and one of my favourite games we have Lords of Waterdeep. Now this game originally came with an insert specifically made with organisation in mind. Every player piece had its place, same with the cards, buildings, resources and so forth. The insert even made sure the game board sat snugly inside, making sure to keep all the game components in place, however there were two issues with the original game set-up that made me abandon it. Firstly the game lid was so narrow it would not stay in place if the game didn't sit horizontally, meaning I had to tie something around the box before packing it whenever I took it somewhere, also the game had absolutely no room for an expansion, so when I added the expansion to my collection, the original game box and insert simply had to go.

22 Sept 2015

Organising my boardgames: Bora Bora

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Starting off my segment of showing off my organising solution for various games is probably one of my more interesting solutions. When I kicked off this thing, my intention was to mainly box up the resources that you needed in the game and not really anything that was key to the game's set-up. With Bora Bora this originally meant only a few components initially made it into a box, but then I started rethinking the system a bit to see if there wasn't one more way to tweak it. Turns out there is.

21 Sept 2015

Organising my boardgames

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Over a year ago I posted about how I had made my own big box solution for Catan. Since then (in fact in the past week or so) I've gotten into somewhat of an organising craze. I've been going through most of the games in my collection and figured out ways to not only keep the components separate and tidy, but also significantly reducing set-up and clean-up time needed for the games in question.

30 Jul 2015

My Top Ten Favourite Legend of Zelda Games

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Recently I've been watching a ton of countdown videos on people's favourite Legend of Zelda games. It's just fun to see how people's opinions differ, and how things that turned me off about a game were the exact same things that made others love it, and vice versa. I decided to try and compile my own list and see how it compares to the many, many video countdowns I've now seen. Now, I would have loved to make this into a video, but I'm afraid I'm better at writing my thoughts and opinions than I am at voicing it into a microphone. Also, I don't own any capturing devices or software, so any video would just be me talking, and that's not really interesting. The best video countdowns I came across were the ones that really showed off the gameplay of the individual games. So I'm afraid that my thoughts will just be expressed in writing here on my blog.

16 Jun 2015

Doing Minecraft Survival for the First Time

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I tend to be very specific when it comes to games and gaming experience. I detest gaming in first person, I don't like gaming on the computer, especially with the mouse and keyboard controls. I've tried it several times, and each time the gaming experience was more enjoyable for me when I switched over to the console version of the game instead. However, there is one game that kind of breaks most of my main rules of gaming, and I actually love it; Minecraft.